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TEDU Supplemental Instruction Software

The officially recognized management software for supplemental instruction programs around the world

In partnership with ICSI

TEDU has partnered with the International Center for Supplemental Instruction to create a unique, data-focused platform designed to offer advanced, impactful, and cost-effective SI program management and facilitation tools for your staff and students.

Dedicated SI solution


The TEDU Supplemental Instruction platform is designed from the ground up to reduce many of the challenges faced by your staff in facilitating a SI program while providing more inclusive accessibility and functionality for your students.


TEDU's SI platform automatically collects and generates valuable SI data analytics providing your department with real-time insights to fine-tune program and academic methodology. Through TEDU’s portal, accredited universities, and those seeking accreditation, can upload the required data directly to the ICSI.

Exclusive pricing

TEDU's partnership with the ICSI includes exclusive discounts for universities affiliated with the ICSI organization: 15% off the annual license fees for universities who have completed training with the ICSI, and 25% off for universities with ICSI Accreditation.

Features and Benefits


Centralized Access for Students and Leaders

through TEDU's custom mobile application or web app with secured SSO log-in

In-person or Integrated Video Conferencing

providing flexibility for students to choose how they would like to attend SI sessions

Optimized SI Session Availability

by integration through the LMS class schedules to filter only sessions available for each student to attend

Pre-Loaded Session Documents

providing students access to the resources they need for each of their SI sessions beforehand

Automatic Push-Notifications

directly to student's devices or emails, so they are aware of changes to their SI sessions
And so much more...


Automated Session Creation and Optimization

based on student and leader availability with custom administration parameters

Fully Customizable Administration Portal

to fine-tune TEDU SI for your SI program requirements

Monitor and Record

student and leader session activity, attendance, and post-session academic performance

Flexible Integration

through your Blackboard, Canvas, or Ellucian systems for seamless installation

ICSI Direct Integration

for automatic recording and uploading of ICSI required accreditation data
And so much more...

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